Seasons Greetings!

Greetings for Spring, time to get the garden ready and fill it with abundance. This season, we are offering classes at your homes or groups. We can do individual classes in our kitchen as well. Group classes are limited at this time.

We'll customize recipes and information for you and your group. We look forward to seeing you soon,


Kathryn Ackland

RawFood Central (RFC): A Community of Organic, Vegan, Whole & Living Food Enthusiasts, mentored by Chef Kathryn Ackland, invites others to join in exploring this delicious, healthy, & vivacious cuisine. Students are instructed in collaboration with others.

We offer a great array of instruction in Sebastopol, California. Once students master general food prep skills, they are introduced to the worlds of dehydrating, pizza & pastas, cacao/chocolates, cultured and fermented foods, and entrees for entertaining. Imagine the exquisite meals you’ll be able to make for the enjoyment of yourself, family and friends. It will be the best thing ever to bring you together!

So, please check out the calendar of classes and special events, sign up now, or call a friend and sign-up together.

Upcoming Classes & Events

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